Automation QA Engineer


Sr. SDET/Sr. QA Automation Engineer


Address: Kyiv, Regeneratorna str., house 4, app 14-178 Mobile phone: +380 93 52 64 156 (main contact) E-mail:
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  • Develop relationships that improve collaboration and stimulate innovation across the Scrum teams
  • Lead test automation instrumentation efforts including hiring QA engineers, prioritizing automation work, and building reusable, maintainable automation code.
  • Actively train and mentor the QA team in automation.
  • Have a strong understanding of Quality Assurance principles, models and phases of SDLC as well as defect life cycle, have skills to investigate an issue, isolate its probable cause, and provide a reliable method for reproducing the issue.
  • Development of test plans, test strategy, test cases and other project artifacts connected to QA activities, requirements analysis, and technical customer support.
  • Motivated and with goals of improvements in a variety of areas of technical and non-technical skills, interested in continuous personal advancement and ready to invest time and effort in learning new technologies and obtain new skills.
  • Proactive, organized, team player, innovative and enthusiastic, communicative. Capable of working either alone, or with a team.
  • Self-learning person, fast-learner, big stack knowledge of various technologies.


2018 (January) – Present time

Employer: GlobalLogic ( City, country: Kyiv, Ukraine Department, position: Sr. Test Automation Engineer in Networking project
Project description: Network device firmware development for international semiconductors corporation client.
Responsibilities and Tasks: Write and support automated tests on different network levels (Python + .Net)
Achievements: Successfully support collaboration in multilingual international and intercontinental development team

2017 (April) – 2018 (January)

Employer: Certent Inc. ( City, country: Kyiv, Ukraine Department, position: QA Automation Engineer in Equity Management team
Project description: Portal for administration and support equity management for public and private companies and portal for participants, based on Angular framework, with Oracle DB in the back-end.
Responsibilities and Tasks: Write and support automated tests on UI level (Selenium Webdriver + C# +, support CI processes (TFS and TeamCity), with DB-level based supporting tests (Oracle DB connection)
Achievements: Change test automation framework status from 300 flaky tests to 1600 stable functional regression tests with nice coverage of important portal functions in a short time (in fthe irst five months)

2015 (November) – 2017 (April)

Employer: Diebold Nixdorf (, recently Wincor Nixdorf City, country: Kyiv, Ukraine Department, position: QA Automation Engineer in NAMOS Cloud team
Project description: Cloud-oriented secured retail web-application for fuelling stations, based on microservices architecture, with Angular framework + Kendo-UI as frontend and RabbitMQ, MSSQL and RedisDB in bthe ack-end (intended to replace desktop “old” application).
Responsibilities and Tasks: Sprint planning for QA team, Test planning, Test-design, write and support automated tests on UI level (Webdriver + C# + JavaScript injections + NUnit2 and HP LeanFT + C# + NUnit3 + HP ALM), DB-level automated tests (.Net Entity Framework + NUnit), and REST API testing
Achievements: Build test automation framework with nice coverage of functional regression tests

2010 (July) – 2015 (November)

Employer: Ciklum, Webforum AD (  
City, country: Kyiv, Ukraine 
Department, Position: QA Engineer 
Description of Project: SaaS application with project management and document management functions with elements of internal CMS, using KendoUI for web-client and MSSQL and .Net framework in a back-end 
Teams size: 7 developers, 1 production database administrator, 2 BA, and 1 QA 
Clients: Webforum/Aducera services 
Responsibilities and Tasks: Manual testing and test-design as the main task; create automation regression (WebDriver + C# + MSUnit) tests from scratch as the additional task from the 2012. 
Achievements: Support of development high-quality level web application and that helps to win tenders with big customers 

2009 (September) – 2010 (July)

Employer: Rabota International ( City, country: Kyiv, Ukraine Department, Position: Product Development/QA Engineer Description of Project: Head-recruiting web portal Teams size: 4 developers, 1 interface designer, 1 SEO analyst, 1 product manager, 1 QA Clients: Marketing Department of Rabota International Responsibilities and Tasks: Manual testing
Achievements: Support of development in time of big strategic changes, increase level of customers support and reduce feedback time

2008 (March) – 2009 (June)

Employer: Finport Technologies ( 
City, country: Kyiv, Ukraine 
Department, Position: QA Department/QA Engineer 
Description of Project: Mainly framework-based document workflow systems (as desktop projects) and some internal web-portals. Teams size: From 3 to 7 (1-2 QAs, depends on the project). 
Clients: Main clients: Bayer Crop Science, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, General Procurator of Ukraine and Ukrainian Department of Bankruptcy. 
Responsibilities and Tasks: Manual desktop and web testing  
Achievements: Prepare detailed documentation and test artifacts, support in acceptance testing from the customer side


Foreign languages:

English: Intermediate/Upper Intermediate

Programming Languages:

C#: Main “work” programming language for the creation of automation frameworks and tools from 2010 till 2017, mostly for web-based projects
Python: using for creating automation framework over embedded projects
PHP/JavaScript: Support and update the personal WordPress-based blog
Java: can understand code, have little experience in Android applications development






WordPress: Basic knowledge level for self-support


MySQL: Queries execution MS SQL Server Management Studio: Queries execution, basic T-SQL knowledge Also, has some experience with NoSQL DB

Development Tools:

MS Visual Studio Atom/Vim/Visual Studio Code/Sublime JetBrains IDEs (Rider, PyCharm, IntelliJ IDE) NodeJS, bash, Powershell – basic knowledge

Operating Systems:

Windows XP-10: Experienced user Ubuntu (desktop and server editions): More or less experienced user Android: Applications manual testing iOS (mobile and desktop): Applications manual testing

Test-Case Management Tools:

Testlink 1.9.11
MS Test Manager
TFS 2015-2017

Test Automation Tools:

Selenium (WebDriver): Use to make regression tests (average knowledge). Winium.Cruciatus (Desktop automation)

Virtualization Tools:

Docker containers
MS Visual Studio Android/Windows Phone emulators

Defect Tracking Systems:

TestTrack: Beginner admin level (last year when used in work 2009)
Mantis: Use (at work) and administrate (personally)
Jira: General test-tracking tool
TFS for test-cases and Defects tracking

Courses and Certificates

Microsoft Virtual Academy Transcript
MATLAB Certificate
Intro to Python for Data Science
Pluralsight profile


Role: Reviewer Organisation: Packt Publishing September 2014 – February 2015 (6 months) Preproduction review of “Learning Selenium Testing Tools, Third Edition”


Dates: 2002 – 2008 Study Mode: Internal (Daily) Name of Institution: National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” Address: 37 Peremohy Avenue, Kiev 03056, Ukraine Faculty: Institute of Physics and Technology Qualification: Applied Physics


Date of Birth: 1984-04-28 Place of Birth: Severodonetsk city, Lugansk region, Ukraine Marital status: Married Children: Daughter (born in 2006) Private entrepreneur from 2010

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